Manny Gold

Manny Gold (aka Chazz Orr) is a student music producer at The University of Chester. Producing 2011 Electro and Tech House Original tracks and Remixes.

Have just spent an internship at Mute Records Ltd in Hammersmith, London as an assistant sound engineer. The whole experience has been amazing, having met loads of interesting people, making valuable contacts and earning much needed experience! During my time working in the recording studio i have been lucky enough to work with/observe artists including Erasure's Andy Bell, Frankmusik, Big Deal, Polly Scattergood, SixToes and Starshapes. All of whom have been a great help and influence on my work! I owe them alot!

I make music for fun, through inspiration from my friends and personal experiences. The thing I love most about music production is that you can NEVER know enough, so please offer any feedback, support and tips and stay tuned and follow me for more remixes! 

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